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Affiliated Home Inspections can complete a 4-point inspection for your Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, FL home & surrounding areas

Homeowners insurance often requires an inspection. Having a professional inspection gives you the best chance at low, affordable rates. In fact, with a qualified inspection, you could save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. Affiliated Home Inspections, Inc. will check your home in Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, Florida & surrounding areas with a 4-point inspection, checking for leaks and other damage.

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We'll arrive with a checklist

We'll arrive with a checklist

Our home inspector will arrive at your house with a list of potential concerns to check. We follow a 4-point inspection process to make sure the essential parts of your home are safe and secure.

Our 4-point inspection covers...

1.Roofing. We'll inspect the roof for broken shingles, leaks and unstable anchoring.
2.Electrical. Our team will check your home for up-to-date electrical wiring.
3.Plumbing. We'll look for leaks and weak areas in your pipes to prevent future leaks.
4.HVAC. Our team will make sure there aren't any fire hazards and that your equipment is working well.

We'll also complete a wind mitigation inspection during our visit. A wind mitigation inspection helps insurance providers determine the risk to your home during a storm.

Our 4-point inspection process is thorough to give you a detailed report for your insurance company. Ask us how to save money on your homeowners insurance today by calling 904-463-2759.