Don't Let Pests Damage Your Lawn

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Your front lawn is the first thing people see. If pests find their way into your yard, they can cause the beautiful trees, plants and grass to die. Affiliated Home Inspections, Inc. offers lawn and ornamental pest control services in Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, Florida & surrounding areas. We'll work with you to restore your yard after a pest infestation and prevent future ones.

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Pests can affect your entire landscape

Pests can affect your entire landscape

When pests infest your yard, they can affect your entire landscape. Whether you've just planted a new garden or you have a beautiful tree in your front yard, termites, roaches and other pests can devastate all your hard work.

You need immediate pest control service to prevent long-lasting damage to your...

  • Grass.
  • Flowers.
  • Gardens.
  • Trees.
  • Bushes.

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