Termites Can Damage Your Home's Structure

Stop them quickly with termite control services in Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, FL provided by the team at Affiliated Home Inspections, Inc.

When termites infest your home, they can cause more damage than you ever imagined. They can damage your home's frame and put your safety in jeopardy. Get fast pest control services from Affiliated Home Inspections, Inc. in Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, Florida & surrounding areas. We'll send an expert to your property to conduct a full termite inspection.

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How do we get rid of termites?

How do we get rid of termites?

Termites are fast-moving and extremely damaging. If you have termites eating away at your home, you need pest control services now.

After a complete termite inspection, Affiliated Home Inspections will start the treatment process. We use a few different pest control methods, and we'll help you choose an option that works best for your property.

To get rid of your termites, we can...

  • Treat the soil. We'll dig a trench and fill the space with pest control chemicals before returning the soil.
  • Spray the wood. We'll use pesticides to treat the infested wood and kill any existing termites.
  • Install bait stations. We can use bait systems to lure termites away from your home before spraying them.

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