It's the news no homeowner wants to hear: you have termites. An inspection can reveal a lot about your home, including if you have a pest infestation. Affiliated Home Inspections, Inc. offers more than your standard termite inspection. If we find termites or other wood-destroying organisms, we'll help you get rid of them quickly to protect your home.

Our pest control services include removal and prevention. Trust us to rodent-proof your home in the greater Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, Florida and create deterrents for termites and other bugs.

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Look for past and present damage

Look for past and present damage

Wood-destroying pests burrow into your home and cause significant damage over time. However, you can't get rid of them until you find them. Affiliated Home Inspections offers pest control and inspection services to find...

  • Dry wood termites.
  • Powderpost beetles.
  • Old house borers.

We also look for wood-decaying fungi and wood rot during our inspections.

Choose a reliable company for your termite inspection. Affiliated Home Inspections offers services in Jacksonville Beach & Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.